The Five Ideals of Developer Experience

Assessing the anti-patterns and embracing the remedies.

Checking a Web Page for Dead Links

A Golang Command-Line Tutorial

Death of the Production Line and Factory Workers Attitude

Whether you're a practical nurse, a salesperson, or a senior software architect, it all begins from the community (and a head full of strong will).

Customizing Your Shell Prompt for Productivity

To developers, command line is a natural environment for daily work. It makes sense then to customize it to be as helpful as possible.

Why I'm Quitting Twitter

Recently I ended a long relationship with Twitter, and I'm relieved.

The Definitive List of Things I Don't Know

We have a serious problem and we as professionals are responsible for fixing it by admitting the world that you don't need to know everything.

Generating Conventional Changelogs

Spicing up your release notes with awesome changelog power.

Don't Use Bash for Scripting (All the Time)

When the complexity of your script grows it's time to drop the Bash. With modern tools it can be easy, fast, and fun.