The Definitive List of Things I Don't Know

We have a serious problem and we as professionals are responsible for fixing it by admitting the world that you don't need to know everything.

Generating Conventional Changelogs

Spicing up your release notes with awesome changelog power.

Don't Use Bash for Scripting (All the Time)

When the complexity of your script grows it's time to drop the Bash. With modern tools it can be simple, fast, and fun.

Serving Gatsby Site with Docker Multi-Stage Build

In this tutorial, we will build a multi-stage Docker build using a popular static site generator Gatsby.

Static Site Rendering Conquer All

Goodbye WordPress, it has been quite a journey.

Quick Tip: Faking Dates in PHP with Carbon

Often there are scenarios where our code depends on the current time. Carbon handles this eloquently.

The (Im)Practical Continuous Delivery

This week I participated in a 2-day training session about pragmatic solutions in Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment.

Squashing Software Defects with Eisenhower Matrix

If only Trump would come up with something as genious.

Three Lessons I’ve Learned as a Professional Web Developer

Do not fear PHP, explore tools, and watch your back with continuous integration.

Please, Do Not ‘Wake Up’

A blog entry where some nerd shares their one vital attitude to face shabby terrorism and fascism with.

Make Rebellion Great Again

Declaration of Rebellion addressed to Donald Trump -- does this dystopia make you feel cold inside?

Listin’ It Up: The Musical ABC

This week I challenged myself to another hopeless, yet interesting, listing project.

How One Man Fell to Earth and Rose Again

Have a safe journey, Ziggy. Rest in peace, Thin White Duke. Farewell, David Bowie.

Keybase – Secure Communication without Hassle

I've been playing with, a message encryption service for a while now.