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What I'm Doing Now?

By Niko Heikkilä / January 21, 2024 / ☕️ 1 minute read

This is my /now page intended to keep you — and perhaps myself — in the loop with my life. I can't fathom how to pull out a list like this accurately since I'm continually changing, but let me at least provide a bird's eye on my current life activities.

Work Life

Since 2020, I've been doing software consulting for my employer, Futurice. It can be a harsh journey at times due to making business in the VUCA world, but every time I manage to build success with my team, whether improving the lives of my clients or my fellow team members, I rejoice. I lead a team of six software engineers, mentor juniors, and interview new hires.

In my work, I concentrate on lean software development and continuous value delivery. If those words do not mean anything to you, it's a fancy way of saying I solve business problems as efficiently as possible.

Personal Life

I'm living in Tampere, Finland, in the comfy apartment I've purchased, where there's rarely a moment when music is not playing. I'm some kind of a culture connoisseur myself, and I attend as many local music gigs as I have strength for. I like to support the local arthouse cinema and catch a film occasionally. Even though my software engineering observations are prominent in this blog, I also write music and film reviews.

Politically, I'm forever liberal and (modern) leftist with a keen eye on environmental issues. Hence, I experience great distress following our current far-right government trashing our dear society by both breaking their promises and, driving forth inequality and weakening the conditions of the working class.

I attempt to be the best ally and champion for diversity and equal rights. When I say attempt, I realise the numerous privileges given to me when I was born a white male on European soil make me insensitive to several injustices. Nevertheless, I try to fade away that shroud of privilege. Yes, I say Black Lives Matter without pitifully uttering all instead of black.

The rightful founder of this idea is Derek Sivers -- check out their page.

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