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What I'm Doing Now?

By Niko Heikkilä / June 21, 2020 / ☕️ 2 minutes read

This is my /now page intended to keep you -- and perhaps myself -- in the loop with my life. I can't fathom how to pull out a list like this accurately since I'm continually changing, but let me at least provide a bird's eye on my current life activities.

I've never strongly believed in people having two lives: work and personal. For me, these are all part of my essence with established boundaries in-between. Sure, those boundaries may overlap and leak a bit, but not in a way that would harm one another. Therefore, I present these findings as they are: life at work, at home, and what is left between them.


In 2020, I realized my current work at Paytrail would be churning the same lines of PHP code every day without meaningful sensations of challenge and reward. While the company itself and its staff are great, I felt my career there had hit a wall. Hence, it was in my best interests to resign and start fulfilling my ambitions on creating engaging digital services.

That's where my new employer, Futurice, walked into the picture. Besides working with their clientele, I aim to help them in their internal efforts which include plenty of open-source projects. Crafting experiences that improve life has always been a core aspect of my software craftsperson attitude and given an opportunity to co-create the future with modern technologies in a low-level hierarchy is the place for me.


Continuously educating myself and improving my skills is the shit. I spend considerable time in reading books which have mostly been non-fiction lately. Check out my Goodreads page for those.

As for programming, I've recently been investing a lot of time on building static Jamstack websites with React and Vue (this blog is one example). I've always been more of a backend developer on a quest to become a full-stack developer. On the backend, I've slowly been adapting the tenets of safe programming with Golang and Rust to my toolbelt. I hope I have more time to maintain larger open-source projects and libraries in the future.

Despite my introvert nature, I've started attending software development meetups and networking events. Perhaps I'll see you there.

Personal Life

I'm living in Finland (as of late 2020 in Tampere region, to be precise) with my partner in life. The Summer of COVID-19 didn't put too heavy a stress on me since I'm a natural introvert and a competent remote worker. Anyway, it's nice to go and eat in restaurants instead of ordering take-away and occasionally see people. Keep your distance, though!

I attempt to be the best ally and champion for diversity and equal rights. When I say attempt, I realize my numerous privileges given to me when I was born a white male on a European soil make me insensitive to several injustices. Nevertheless, I try to fade away that shroud of privilege. Yes, I say Black Lives Matter without uttering all instead of black.

The rightful founder of this idea is Derek Sivers -- check out their page.

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