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My efforts as the self-proclaimed Open-Source Champion.

By Niko Heikkilä / April 22, 2020 / ☕️ 1 minute read

On this page, I'm listing the open-source projects I've coded on my spare time. Contributions and issues are welcome for every project. Check the respective repositories for more information and contribution guidelines. 🙏🏽

👨🏻‍💻 Own Projects

These projects I've been hacking on my spare time for my account(s).

  • – the blog you're reading at the moment built with Gatsby.
  • cv – My professional resume page forked from a template also made with Gatsby.
  • go-link-health – a CLI tool built with Golang for scraping the webpage for any dead links.
  • setup – an omnipotent Bash script for setting up a new development box.
  • py-weather – a small Python CLI tool for weather monitoring. Because developers won't look out of the window for checking the weather.
  • git-flight-rules – a typeset PDF book for surviving version control with Git, original material written by Kate Hudson and contributors.

🤝 Regular Contributions

Projects I don't own directly but have been contributing to with success.

  • paytrail/documentationHugo static site serving the documentation for the most comprehensive Finnish payment gateway service for medium and large businesses.
  • paytrail/e2-module – E2 client library implemented in PHP 7 for Paytrail e-commerce merchants.
  • thepracticaldev/ – the codebase for site where developers gather to share their experience in the form of posts, podcasts, and videos.

📚 Archive

Projects owned by me or someone else whose unfortunate destiny has been a premature burial in the graveyard of open-source.

  • pwnedapi – a small Python 3 library for accessing the Have I Been Pwned database for vulnerable passwords. Archived due to maintenance costs.

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