Testimonials: The Wall of Recognition

Here is a collection of kind words people have said about me and my work over the years. If you ever get to work with me, I'm fairly confident you will find these agreeable.

By Niko Heikkilä / May 5, 2023 / ☕️ 2 minutes read

Vesa Kortteinen, Paytrail

Niko has a creative and problem-solving personality with a desire to learn and try new. He took responsibilities in design and technical decision-making exceptionally rapidly. In addition to that, Niko has had a role of Team Lead being charge of outcomes of a sub-team of our development organisation. Once our company decided to hand over some services to another unit, Niko was in a key and a diverse role in this transition delivering successfully executed assignments in knowledge transfer, mentoring new development unit in their new work and tons of other tasks.

During his career on Paytrail, Niko showed interest in various topics. And it wasn’t just interest, actions were taken as well. He has worked with CI/CD processes being one of the pioneers on that area here. On information security side Niko has had the role of security reviewer for years. Moreover, he has had an essential role in recruitment taking part the encounters with applicants and running the technical assessments. What comes to his most recent accomplishments, he has ignited Open Source activism here. The thing that amazes me is that such actions and special roles seem not to harm or delay his “regular” work but somehow they boost each others. Wherever and wherever Niko works in the future, man, don’t make him to work with a single thing or in the single role.

Colleagues in Futurice

Niko has a vast knowledge about full-stack development and technical solutions to help teams to deliver better software faster.

Niko, you need to write a book. Each post from you is a bar of pure gold. Resonates hard with my experience.

Niko was a huge driving force in setting up the development and production environments. He had a great focus on quality and a big focus on how things should be tested to maintain that quality. I really learned a lot from him.

I think Niko is a great mentor with great ideas.

I have enjoyed and benefited from the mentoring sessions with Niko. He has a really wide understanding of many relevant issues not only in coding and software projects, but also for example in team work, social aspects of work and ways of working. Discussions with Niko have improved my ability to pursue coding more efficiently and reasonably, and I have also gained more understanding of software projects and solutions for possible problems. I really like his abilities in empathy combined with knowledge and practicality. In the future, I hope that someday I can work on the same project with Niko and his title is tech lead.

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